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Sulphamic acid based solvent containing cleaner for the heavy duty cleaning of newly installed acid resistant floors. Specific for microporous porcelain floor tiles. Removes calcareous deposits, efflorescences, paints, glues, binders, adhesives, inks, rust, protective coatings.

4 x 3 lts. cans

Active foam acid cleaner for the periodic removal of heavy lime and scale deposits and soap scum from bathroom fittings, floors and walls.

4 x 5 lts. cans

Highly concentrated phosphoric acid based cleaner. Removes limescale and rust from all acid proof surfaces and floors. Specific for microporous floors.

4 x 5 lts. cans

Powerful fast acting highly concentrated acid based cleaner used to eliminate the toughest residues of cement and scale from acid resistant surfaces.

4 x 3 lts. cans

General purpose phosphoric acid based fast detergent for all acid resistant surfaces and floors

12 x 1 lt. bottles - 4 x 5 lt. cans

Low foam acid cleaner for natural stone and terracotta floors. Removes calcareous deposits, cement and efflorescences.

4 x 5 lts. cans

Tile, grout and porcelain acid cleaner.

12 x 1 lt. bottles - 4 x 5 lts. cans