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Multi-purpose disinfectant degreaser with bactericidal, fungicidal and viricidal properties, for use both as a disinfectant and a heavy duty cleaner for all surfaces, equipment, furniture and floors in public and private places, hospital buildings, public transport. Specific for HACCP.

4 x 3 lts. cans - 12 x 750 ml bottles

Alcohol based degreaser sanitizer for food areas.

4 x 5 lts. cans - 12 x 750 ml. bottles

Disinfecting descaling detergent for daily claening with bactericide and fungicide action. Deodorizes and disinfects all surfaces and floors in the restroom area.

4 x 5 lts. cans - 12 x 750 ml. bottles

Super concentrated multi purpose neutral alcohol based detergent for the daily cleaning of all type of washable surfaces and floors.

6 x 1 lt bottles - 4 x 5 lt cans

Multi purpose sanitizing hydro alcoholic detergent. Ready to use, suitable for all washable and HACCP surfaces.

12 x 750 ml. bottles

Powerful concentrated heavy duty sanitizing degreaser based on quaternary ammonium compounds, specific for food industry, food distribution establishments and HACCP.

4 x 3 lts. cans

Perfumed neutral detergent and sanitizer for the manual and mechanical cleaning and sanitizing of all water resistant surfaces in schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, etc.

4 x 5 lts. cans - 12 x 1 lt. bottles

Detergent and sanitizer for the daily cleaning of floors, wall tiles, wash basins, sanitary fittings, toilet bowls, WC, furnishings, rubbish containers, etc. One dose is diluted in 8-10 litres of water.

6 x 1 lt. dosing bottles