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Urethane acrylic floor polish with exceptional traffic resistance and durability. Excellent on vinyl, linoleum and porous stone floors. Responds optimally to low and high speed burnishing.

4 x 5 lts. cans

High gloss sealer for synthetic and stone floors. High traffic resistance. Suitable for the maintenance both with spray buffing and high speed burnishing.

4 x 5 lts. cans

Acrylic black metalized self-shining wax with powerful dyeing and protecting effect for black floors.

4 x 5 lts. cans

Instant deep wet look floor finish. Can be high speed burnished or maintained with traditional spray cleaning. Exceptional traffic resistance. Slip resistant.

4 x 5 lts. cans - 12 x 1 lt. bottles

Matt finish floor polish.

4 x 5 lts. cans